Company Overview

“Our Mission is to offer a supreme service in a global environment whilst sustaining an adequate return for our shareholders”

The origins of the company date back to 1914 and up to the late 1970s we were a subsidiary of W.H. Smith of the UK. We are the market leader in the importation, distribution, marketing and retail of Press Products in Malta

Distributing to over 2000 trade outlets across the Maltese Islands, seven days a week, 363 days a year, the portfolio of business units and activities within the company is ever growing. Today, different business units focus on a varied range of products and services representing major international brands as well as our own brands. All our sales efforts are supported by a field sales team of 30 sales representatives covering every possible selling point in the Malta market for the products we handle. Whilst utilizing the economies of scale from our core distribution functions we continue to build and focus on our strengths to support our suppliers and customers.

Our retail brands, Agenda, Bookends and Newskiosk are the major players in book and magazine retailing in Malta. Our latest retail brand, 8 Till Late, is committed to become Malta’s leading and most recognizable Convenience brand. Positioned at travel points and in the main shopping and tourist areas our shops are premium placed to offer customers high standards in selection and an enjoyable shopping experience.

Whilst remaining a family owned company that is fully committed to our employees, we are professionally managed and run. Each business and support service is closely integrated ensuring ease of communication and continuation between all areas of the business.