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‘L-Għajnuna hi Prezzjuża’ Book Launch at the Agenda Bookshop at the Valletta Waterfront

‘L-Għajnuna hi Prezzjuża’, a book that teaches children to respect one another and not resort to bullying, was launched on Wednesday evening at the Agenda Bookshop of the Valletta Waterfront. Miller Distributors have published this book written by Greta Antignolo after seeing the potential as it links well to the Maltese syllabus of grade 2 […]

Miller Distributors Ltd appointed Local Distributor for BigMouth Inc.

BigMouth Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of outrageous lifestyle products based in the United States. Every item offered are exclusively designed and manufactured by the company. BigMouth Inc. is the creative force behind an exclusive line of high-quality lifestyle products, targeting fun-loving people of all ages. BigMouth Inc. has a wide range of unique […]