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Minister launches You Can Read scheme at Zabbar college to boost english literacy.

On Friday 17th April 2015, Education Minister Evarist Bartolo launched the You Can Read scheme at Żabbar A Primary School, aimed at boosting English literacy among young students. Żabbar was chosen because of the notable efforts the students and staff are making in this field, with the ongoing support of their parents. Agenda Bookshop donated […]

Agenda Bookshop raises funds for Puttinu at pjazza Tigne’.

                                  Agenda Bookshop teamed up with local cancer foundation Puttinu Cares to organise Malta’s largest book sale at Pjazza Tigné in Sliema. Book stalls were set up at Pjazza Tigné at Tigne Point during the Easter weekend between April […]

Miller Distributors Ltd appointed Local Distributor for Meray nuts

  Miller Distributors Ltd has been appointed local distributor for Meray nuts. Meray Nuts, belonging to Fresh Nuts GmbH, was founded 1999 in Hamburg and started its first steps on the way to a global brand. The company combines traditional recipes of nut processing from Asia with the latest technical possibilities to ensure high quality […]