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Miller Newsprint wins Award at the UK 2011 Newspaper Awards

Miller Newsprint Malta was the winner of the Digital Printer of the Year at the 2011 UK Newspaper Awards held on Tuesday 24th May 2011. The joint entry was made by The Sunday Times and Miller Newsprint Malta. It was a hugely successful evening for The Sunday Times which picked up more prizes and accolades […]

Start of operations in Tenerife

The setting up of Newsprint Impresion Digital, S.L. is complete and full scale production is expected to start in August. With year round Tourism, Tenerife has long been a major market for International newspapers and our start up will now also enable early morning availability to a wider range of International and Spanish mainland newspapers. […]

Miller Staff Donate Blood

As part of recognising its social responsibility, Miller Distributors Ltd organised a Blood Drive on Thursday 28th April 2011. The mobile blood bank was parked outside Miller’s Head Offices in Luqa for five hours as members of staff made themselves available for 20 minutes to donate blood. Approximately 475ml of blood is given during a […]

World Kids Colouring Day Celebrated by the Agenda Kids Club

‘World Kids Colouring Day’ is an initiative by Staedtler and is organised every year in many countries around the world with the aim to raise funds for children in need. In 2010, over 750,000 young artists around the globe took part – from North America to Japan and even as far away as Australia. In […]

Introducing Social Studies: A Maltese Reader

Author: Godfrey Baldacchino ISBN: 978-993286-813 Price: €12 Introducing Social Studies: A Maltese Reader is a comprehensive guide to the social, cultural, economic and political fabric of contemporary Maltese society. Accompanied by illustrations, tables, graphs and hundreds of exercises and internet links, the text encourages an informed and critical appreciation of social life. The subject matter […]

Exploring Malta: World War II

Editors: Sue Huband ISBN: 978-99932-86-62-2 Price: €3.99  Have you ever wondered how the Maltese people played such a vital part in World War II? Why was it that the whole island of Malta was honoured with The George Cross medal for honour for bravery? These and many more questions are addressed in the latest exciting […]

Exploring Malta: 1565 – The Great Siege

Editors: Robert Newby Grech Illustratior: Victor Pulis ISBN: 978-99932-86-61-5 Price: €3.99 Why did La Valette kill his favourite hunting dogs at the beginning of the Siege? Where were the Maltese women in the Great Siege of 1565? These and other curious titbits of information are included in a new publication of Malta’s Great Siege, part […]

Exploring Malta: An Activity Book

Editors: Victor Pulis ISBN: 978-99932-86-19-6 Price: €3.99  Exploring Malta: An Activity Book is a 44 page book aimed at young children between 5-10 years, published by Miller Publications. The book contains fun information about the geography and history of Malta and Gozo. It’s bursting with activities such as mazes, colouring-ins, cut-out figures; crossword puzzles; join […]

The Pens That Felled The Mighty

Editors: John Manduca, Joseph C. Sammut ISBN: 978-99932-86-41-7 Price: €35.00  “The Pens That Felled The Mighty” is a slice of Malta’s rich history as depicted in 100 years of cartoons and caricatures published in Britain. It is the first of its kind and artists have concentrated on five periods when Malta was ‘in the news’: […]

The Shadow of the Almighty

Authors: Iain Allen ISBN: 978-99932-86-37-0 Price: €13.00 1565: An overwhelming force sent by the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, bears down upon the tiny island of Malta, home to the Order of the Knights of St John – the last remaining bastion of Crusaderdom. Grand Master la Valette prepares the island for a heroic defence, […]